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RHYTTAC Webinar - Something for Nothing? Creating a Strong Approach to Utilizing Volunteers in RHY Programs


Picture of RHYTTAC Webinar - Something for Nothing? Creating a Strong Approach to Utilizing Volunteers in RHY Programs

About this training

Do you want to enhance your volunteer program to take advantage of all of the skills your volunteers have to offer? We know that volunteers have increased as a result of baby boomers retiring from the work place yet, these boomers are not interested in the old notions of retirement. They are primed to give back to their communities through volunteering and RHY programs, and other youth service organizations are in need of the skills the boomers have to offer. Join us in the 'Something for Nothing' webinar, which will take participants on the journey from simply 'having' volunteers to creating an atmosphere where volunteers are welcome, well utilized and a vital part of your organization. We all know many of the benefits of volunteers, but we also know that using volunteers in RHY programs is often more work than we think it should be. Strategically designing policies and practices sets up an environment where many of the pitfalls of using volunteers can be mitigated. This interactive one-hour and fifteen minute webinar, loosely based on our 'Hidden Workforce' toolkit, will specifically explore volunteer practices used in non-profits and youth serving programs. We begin with a discussion about how you may identify the objectives you hope to accomplish by adding volunteers to your staff. Once you know what you want to achieve, you can identify the practices and policies you should have in place to ensure success in implementing a volunteer program. You will identify which practices would be most essential for your setting and have a template for writing those practices for your organization. Next we will consider what practices are best written as policies. For example, would volunteers have performance evaluations? Do you need a policy addressing boundaries or dress for volunteers? Should you expect your volunteers to commit to annual training? Identify the policies that best support your goals, the culture of your organization and other requirements.